Since last Friday, I’ve had company and have put off writing. It was a conscious decision. Not one because I was stuck with a writing problem. This forced free time has allowed me the opportunity to think about the changes I’ve made, additional changes that still need to be made, and to read lots of books. Currently, I’m reading The Sixes by Kate White and loving it. This book has inspired me to up the threat level and to really think about what makes a book suspenseful.

To me, I think there are several things that make a reader sit on the edge of their seat and clasp their hand to their mouth to keep from screaming. First, you need to truly care about the protagonist and have some sort of emotional connection with him/her. Second, you need to put the protagonist in harm’s way. The more the better. And third, you need to keep up the ante on the danger to your protagonist. And finally, you need to force me to ask questions about the plot, because if you don’t the “danger” to the protagonist isn’t enough. If you do this, I will continue to read way past my bedtime.

What makes you turn the page?