I went to my sister-in-law’s college graduation (sans kids) and while there, I had the opportunity to actually read a newspaper. Several stories bothered me and I thought I’d bring them to your attention, in case you are similar to me and don’t always get to watch the news.

Anthony Weiner is running for NYC mayor. If you don’t remember him, let me remind you that he is the one who tweeted a woman a picture of his junk. Denied it. Then admitted it to the press and confessed to sending inappropriate exchanges to six other women. From the news article it sounds as if he is a serious contender. I guess if Bill Clinton can remain president after having an affair, Weiner can be elected mayor after tweeting his wiener.

photo by Ewan MacAskill

Edward Snowden is the man who leaked information regarding the governments secret electronic spying program. The government is considered prosecuting him for a crime because he took an oath to keep his work confidential. However, the government is notorious for their willingness to work with whistleblower’s in other areas of business. For example,  Sherron Watkins who exposed Enron Corp’s financial lies and there is even an OSHA act, which is a law that protects employees from being discriminated/retaliated by their employer. Therefore, I find it ironic that the government feels that they should be allowed to violate our constitutional rights without having to answer for THEIR crimes and still be able to punish the whistleblower.

What is your opinion about these two stories?