I don’t have too much to spout off about today. The world seems relatively calm although I’m sure there are injustices occurring everywhere. It seems that the newborn royal heir, George Alexander Louis (that’s a mouthful), has brought peace to the world. Or more likely, I’m delusional in my thinking and want people everywhere to have a brief spell of tranquility.

In that vein, I thought I’d share a few random things about me. (You didn’t think I would talk about someone important did ya?)

1. I like slightly scorched popcorn.

2. When in desperate need of chocolate, I’ve been known to melt semi-sweet chocolate chips and mix them with extra crunchy peanut butter.

3. If I watch a movie where the people have accents, British, Western, Australian, etc., I tend to pick them up. I also do this in person and it’s downright embarrassing when I’m speaking to my neighbor from N. Carolina. Within minutes, I sound as if I’ve lived there my whole life. A side note, she’s moving and I’m hoping the new neighbors aren’t from New Jersey.

4. I’m tone-deaf. If I don’t look at caller id, I have no idea whom I’m speaking to until they give me context. Several times, I’ve asked my own mother to tell me her name.

5. I love to sing at the top of my lungs because I think I have a rockin’ voice. You should hear me sing Les Miserables. The problem…see #4.

6. I don’t own one oxygen-breathing plant in my house because I’m a plant murderer.

7. I hate to shop. Enough said.

8. I love to river raft down class 4 or higher rapids, even though my three old is a better swimmer than me.

9. I’ve been known to become Mommy Zombie and chase my kids around the house trying to suck their brains out of their heads.

10. After 15 years of marriage, I still think my husband is the sexiest man alive. Daniel Craig has nothing on him.

What about you? Are you neurotic?