The universe seems to be sending me a message repeatedly and I guess I better answer it or else…well, I’m not sure what happens when you don’t. Maybe you miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime or you end up with a list of regrets. Since I’m not sure what the consequence are and I’m not willing to find out, I thought I’d head the call.

Lately, everywhere I turn, I am reading about successful artists who find the emotion of the project resulting in a better ending. Today, I read about a women who helps directors and actors figure out what the real emotion of the movie is and how to portray that effectively to the audience. She has influenced over 700 films and has a long list of Oscar winners. She says that if you fail to discover the true essence of the story, then the audience leaves feeling flat.

I’ve thought a lot about this as it pertains to my WIP and have to agree with her. Cheating you’re readers out of a satisfying emotional ending leaves the reader feeling disappointed. I’m not talking about crying, but about the large themes of the manuscript. Things like passion, acceptance, greed, or tolerance, to name a few. I’ve wondered if I’m conveying the true emotion of the scene and plot. If not, I want to enhance that part of my writing and have added it to my list of things to look for when editing. After all, most of my favorite stories (To Kill A Mockingbird, The Shining) and movies (Copycat, Steel Magnolias) are all about emotion.

Do you think emotion plays a large part in a novel/movie?