I try to exercise anywhere from three to five days a week and most of the time I burn calories by running. To do this, I like to run behind my house where there is a barren landscape of brush and dirt, as it provides me a stunning view of the reservoir. However, this morning, a lone coyote ran in front of me. He was about four yards away and at first I startled him. I’ve seen him before and usually he runs away as I eye him while I continue to jog down the path.


This morning, he ran for moment and then stopped. He lowered his head as if to charge and I froze, scared witless, when I recovered I ransacked my brain as to what I could use for a weapon. The best I came up with was my foot–to kick and my IPod–to throw at him hopefully knocking him unconscious. (I like to write for a reason, folks because I can be the hero of the story.) When I realized that he wasn’t running towards me, I turned around and ran back to my neighborhood, looking over my shoulder the entire time.