Diane O’Connell

I’m still in full editing mode and because of it, certain blog posts attract my attention, especially one written by editor Diane O’Connell. I recently read a post about amping up your dialogue and my favorite advice is directly quoted below.

“1. Shorten it.

Unless your character is a motor mouth, keep to one or two sentences with each exchange. The key is to really boil down to the conversation’s most important points. Ask yourself: What is the purpose of this exchange? What is the most crucial piece of information that readers should walk away with?

A simpler conversation is not only more believable, but also helps to keep the pace moving in your novel. By keeping your dialogue tightly focused on its most important points, you’ll find it’s sharper. Readers don’t even need to know every single detail — unless each one directly ties into the rest of the story.

Try this: Take a passage of your dialogue and keep each exchange between 1-10 words. See if that sharpens and livens up your characters’ conversation.”

Read full article here: http://www.writetosellyourbook.com/writing-advice/amp-up-novel-dialogue