For the last few days, I’ve been anxiously checking my email for feedback from WHW Amazing Race. Today, I checked my spam and there it was waiting for me since Tuesday. *Sigh.* That says so much about my life. Anyways, without further ado the following is an excerpt. (I’m assuming my critique person is a fellow writer.)

“…The thing that hits me as an opening is information overload. You’re asking the reader to take in A LOT of information…This doesn’t paint the best picture of your MC…”

If you want to cringe, hang your head, feel disappointed, or do all three. Go for it. I did. But wait, there’s some redeeming qualities.

“…I can see you write well and can convey ideas…your ability is there. Slow it down and spread it out and you’ll have us hooked.”

Yes that made me feel better, but now I’m wondering how to implement the changes without slaughtering the entire first three chapters. Ah, the life of a writer.