A good writer friend who tends to save my butt when it needs it the most, happened by my blog and saw my post about my MC not being likeable. He sent me an email and offered to read the first chapter. (Thank heavens for small miracles.) Here’s the thing, I value his opinion and I asked him to also see if the pacing was right for a thriller.

His advice, which I completely appreciate, was that while my MC isn’t exactly likeable, she is vulnerable. That’s great, but I want every one to like her as much as I do. So, back to the editing page for her. As for the thriller part, he agreed with what my gut has been trying to tell me…the pacing in the first chapter is off. I guess Elizabeth George is right after all. In her book, Write Away, she said to trust your body, not your head when it comes to your writing because it will tell you the truth. The problem with logic versus emotion is that we’ve been taught to trust logic. Maybe one day soon, I’ll be able to trust my instincts.

A huge thank you to my friend and good luck to him in the Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference Writing Contest.