I’m reading a book by editor Jodie Renner called, Style That Sizzles & Pacing for Power. I’m really enjoying it. I thought I’d share my favorite tips that I’ve learned so far.

  • State¬†CAUSE before EFFECT

The word “was” is often an indicator of telling instead of showing, as in “she was sad” or “he was angry.” Show their feelings instead by their actions, words, tone, and body language.

The more intense a moment, the more showing you do.

In order to bring your characters to life on the page and make the readers start to worry about them, it’s critical to constantly show their reactions to what’s happening to and around them.

It’s important to show your character’s visceral reaction to a situation first, before an overt action or words. And show involuntary thought-reactions or word-reactions before more reasoned thought processes and decision-making…

Show first whatever happens fastest. Most often, this means you show interior emotion first, followed by various instinctive actions or dialogue, followed by more rational kinds of action, dialogue, and interior monologue.

Aren’t these great? (I highlighted my favorite.) I hope you find them as helpful as I have.