I wish I could say I’m a plotter. It would save me tons of time and pages of rewrites. But I am not. No matter how hard I try to plan the next hundred pages, or following four chapters, it dries up the creative well and I can’t fathom what my character will do next. What challenge she’ll encounter. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t plan my next scene or next chapter, because I do. I’m great at inventing a couple of pages ahead, but any more than that and I’m hopeless.

I’ve tried everything. I’ve read books on plotting. Taken online courses. And even attended a few classes on the subject at writer’s conferences. Nothing has worked and so day after day, I park my butt in the chair and wait to see what action will take place as I type. One of the members in my Guppy group (a subgroup of SinC members) said, “The first draft for a pantster is their outline.” Unfortunately, I’m afraid this ms has that problem. I’ve rewritten the entire thing three times and now on the fourth try, have deleted over 61k words.

As you can tell, it’s a painful way to write. If you were a pantster and now are a plotter, I’d love to hear how you made the switch.