There’s this great article on Writer’s Digest about new authors and what they’ve learned. Some of them are stay-at-home parents and others still work, but they have great advice for aspiring writers like me…and you. One of the author’s had this advice:

Leigh: The one thing I can say is, don’t be daunted by rejections. Use them. I had no experience in writing whatsoever. I had no idea what I was doing, other than, Hey, I’m gonna write a book! Learning to write a really good book is not easy. It’s hard to get the right feedback. Some people are gonna give you good feedback, some people are gonna give you bad feedback. But generally you can look at your rejection letters and use those to then rewrite the book. I rewrote She Can Run five times from beginning to end. And I kind of used that one book as my work-in-process—this is how I was going to learn how to structure a novel, how to pace a novel, how to do characterization. (I bolded my favorite sentence.) If you want other tasty tidbits, check out the rest of the article.