I didn’t know if I wanted to admit this or not, but I guess I’m going to put it out there. I entered the Sun vs. Snow contest and didn’t make it. To enter, I had to submit my first 250 words of my MS and my query letter. Let me state for the record, that I know my query letter is lacking…unfortunately. (I have rewritten a few hundred times and I’m not sure it will ever fall into the stellar category.) BUT, I do think my first 250 words are great and I also think the themes of my story are awesome. However, entering these contests always make me second guess myself and I, often, wonder if it is worth it, emotionally. After a contest, I always revisit the portions of my work that I enter and revise and revise. Some of that is helpful because practice does make perfect, but at what point is it too much? I guess I could always just stop entering contests, but the problem is, I’m a sucker for them.