First lines are right up there with query letters. There is so much pressure on them to deliver the tone of your book, the voice of your character, and the overall feeling of your story. And because of those expectations, I hate them and dread them, just like I do query letters. For whatever reason, I just can’t seem to nail my first sentences and I’ve rewritten my current one so many times I’ve lost count.

Whenever I struggle with some aspect of writing, I search to find the answers either in books, blogs, or articles. This time I struck gold with one of my favorite new blogs. Last week, The Debutante Ball spent a whole week discussing first sentences and my favorite advice came from a guest post by author Kathryn Craft. Kathryn was quoting developmental editor Lisa Rector-Maass, who said,  “A great first line does at least three things: shows movement, evokes emotion, and raises a question.” She quite succinctly showed the answer to the problem. Now all I have to do is revise again. Hopefully, this time I’ll get it right.