Just when I thought I was done, I’m not!

I’ve decided that I need to make a few huge character changes. I’d left my main character’s ethnicity unrevealed. I wanted the reader to decide for themselves, but after revising the book a few times, I think I should reveal it. And she’s different from what I first envisioned. I’d made her a Caucasian woman married to an African-American man. But she keeps screaming to me that she is NOT white.

If you don’t know me and are judging my ability to make this change by my picture, know this, my husband is African-American. He doesn’t look like it. His skin is whiter than mine but that is due to the fact that his father is Norwegian and his mother is Creole. If you’re not from New Orleans, you might not know what that heritage means. His maternal grandfather is a mixture of Cuban, French and African-American. Whereas, his maternal grandmother is African-American. All of this means that my in-laws are a rainbow of colors and great fodder to use for my character.

So, it’s back to the manuscript to make all of those important changes.