One of my critique partners writes YA and is a phenomenal person. Always willing to help. The other day, she sent out an email to a group that she belongs to asking if there were any thriller writers who’d be willing to speak to a friend (me). I’ve been frustrated about several issues that specifically deal with writing thrillers and have searched for blogs/tweets/anything that will provide insight. There are so many YA and Romance writers that blog and tweet helpful advice. Leaving the thriller category looking bleak. And I was feeling alone on this journey and yet, three people responded to my friend. They didn’t have to, but they heard a plea for help and they responded…within minutes. I haven’t connected with them yet, but I can’t wait.

To pay it forward, I volunteered to judge a business plan contest for college students. The prize, $30,000 to help the students launch their product. I can’t wait to help someone else fulfill their dreams.