Over the weekend, I read Nathan Bransford’s How to Write a Novel. It was a quick read with a lot of information that I found helpful and I thought I’d share one piece with you. It’s about first pages. Writers, me included, are constantly told how important that page is and now that I’ve had the privilege of reading other writer’s manuscripts, I understand why. That first page sets the expectation for the reader for the entire story. Nathan Bransford narrowed down what is needed in that oh so important page. “Here’s what the first page needs to do: it needs to establish the tone and voice of the novel, it needs to get the reader into the flow of the book, and it needs to establish trust between author and the reader.”

Notice, he didn’t say start with action or tell me all about your character. It’s those four things and that’s it. How you do that is your choice as a writer.