As a writer most of us have heard that we need to have a social presence and because of that we set up twitter names, sign up on Facebook, write a blog, or become members of other social venues. Besides the obvious, have you ever wondered why that’s so important?

The obvious answer is because you want to build a potential readership/following and have a place (once you’re published) for your fans to come visit, a place to interact with you.

The OTHER reason, the one that doesn’t get discussed, is because agents want to know who they will be working with BEFORE they offer representation. Just like you stalk them on social media, they stalk you. They look for the positive and the negative. They don’t want to work with someone who is a pain in the backside, slam other people, is snarky, or unprofessional. They do want someone who takes the job seriously, who is fun to work with, and has a great work ethic. Before  I make a positive recommendation to my agent about your work, I will check you out on Twitter, Facebook, Google your name, and see if you’ve been published before. My agent does the same. So fellow writers, please present your best side to the world.