PPWC 2014 (small)

(That’s me!! Photo by the awesome Jared Hagen.)

Last Thursday, I was the corpse for a crime scene for the Pikes Peak’s Writer’s Conference in Colorado Springs. They staged a crime and then asked a CSI, EMT’s, a sheriff, and a coroner to walk the audience through how they would process the crime scene. It was an eye opener and I made some wonderful contacts. They were also very funny and at one point I laughed. Oops!

At lunch, I lucked out and sat next to the only agent there that day and asked her a question about writing NA, she asked me what I was writing. I hadn’t prepared a pitch because the MS wasn’t finished and I know it’s a huge no-no to pitch before it’s completed. But I did my best and fumbled through it. She told me to send it to her when I’m done. Can you believe that?!!!

Then the guys/gals I worked with in the morning, told me to contact them anytime I had a question and one of them offered me a chance to view Necrosearch’s burial ground. A once in a lifetime opportunity. I finished the night off by picking up the agent I intern for and I met the author Hank Phillipi Ryan. I couldn’t ask for a better day/evening!