I finally understand what it means to have a heavy heart because mine feels as if it weighs three tons. Today, the last day of school, our principal resigned to take another position. For those of us who can read through the lines and who understands district policy, that means she was forced to take another job. Of course, her resignation letter to the school was upbeat and a lie about how this is her dream job. If it was, she would’ve applied for it long ago. It’s just the only place the district can stick her for now.

In the end the bullies won.

I’ve learned that their stories they used to support their cause has changed quite a few times and been so exaggerated that it turned into outright lies. The sad thing is that one of the women who signed the petition against the principal, said to me, “I hope we did the right thing.” I am not a violent person, but at that moment, I wanted to smack her. I let her know that I signed the petition to keep the principal. She looked shock by my admittance and stammered something that didn’t make sense. I kindly excused myself and then a few minutes later noticed her telling two other women that we hang out with, that I had signed the other petition. They engaged me in a conversation and I did my best to be civil, but their worries were based on fears, nothing concrete and they’d been manipulated because they were so scared. Now, they were questioning their decisions. But it’s too late.

Since this interaction today, I’ve wondered, how many times have I exaggerated a story to support my side or to impress other people? And how many times, have I allowed my to be manipulated due to my fears? It’s not an easy self-examination, but I do know going forward that I will not let myself be manipulated by fear or change a story just to make myself look better. I’m sure that this approaching school year is going to be hard and that there will be some people asking themselves the same questions. Hopefully, they will learn from this too.