I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I only took one picture on my Necrosearch adventure. Why? Well, because there’s nothing exciting to look at. It’s a big field with buried graves of pigs. (It’s a violation of Colorado law to bury human bodies, even ones donated to science.) However, the stories that retired CSI Tom Adair shared were incredible and I absolutely loved hearing them.

I learned that most murderers resort to hiding bodies and evidence in places that they already know because usually the crime is not planned. It takes nerves of steel to be able to think through disposing a body and a weapon after killing someone. Even if people think it through, it’s usually their first time and they forget something like the purse or keys or phone and then have to think on the fly as to how to dispose of the items. Usually, this means some area or place that they are familiar with.

My favorite story–There might be a body buried in one of the dams (actual cement wall) in Denver. A woman went missing and her boyfriend worked as a construction worker for the dam. At the time, authorities had no idea how to search for a body in a concrete wall.