The recent events in Ferguson prompted a heated lively discussion in our household last night. My hubby who is half black (yes, that’s important to the conversation), declared that he didn’t believe in affirmative action. I was shocked. I mean we’ve been married for over sixteen years and have known each other for eighteen. Um…I had no idea. (I feel like I don’t know the man.) However, I do have to concede he made a good point.

His argument is this: When a black person is hired, most people assume that it’s because of affirmative action and not because the person is the best fit for the job. Therefore, the black person’s colleagues are prejudiced against him/her and the black person is already at a disadvantage in their job.

I couldn’t argue with his logic and it spun our conversation in so many directions. At one point during the discussion I asked my hubby, how many black people are in upper management in your company? He couldn’t name one and he works for a huge corporation that is considered progressive. Now, to be fair, there are a few minorities that are in upper management–one Hispanic, some Asians, and quite a few women, but unfortunately, the higher levels are mostly white people.

Which led to what would happen to the work force if the government repealed affirmative action? Eventually, we both agreed that while affirmative action is very flawed, there isn’t a good enough solution (and we tried to think of one) to replace it.

What do you think?