I’m taking a break from writing because my brain is fried and I wanted to share a little insight into the chat meeting I attended today with all of the other interns. First of all, let me say we will now have these once a month and they will be hosted by each of the agents that work at the agency. Today’s was Jenny Bent and wow she sounds incredible. Anyone who nabs her as an agent is lucky. Second, she discussed her route to becoming an agent…it was very twisty and full of all the things a writer goes through–perseverance, rejection, and doing it because you love it.

It seems that it also takes perseverance after you sign with an agent. Not only does the editor have to love your book, but so does almost everyone else at the publishing house, including the people over subsidiary rights. Yikes! She also clarified the difference between being an editor and an agent. Basically, an editor is the middle man or woman at the publishing house and has to make sure everyone is happy while an agent’s job is to sell the book. (That’s a super basic definition, but it would take me too long to write it all out and I need to start on dinner for the kiddos.)

I found the meeting very informative and thought briefly about pursuing becoming an agent…briefly. It seems they are always busy and I like to have somewhat of a life.