Since it is Domestic Violence Awareness month and my current WIP is about stalking, I thought I’d write a little something on it. If you’ve read the about me part of this blog, you know I have a shady person from my past who refuses to stay in the past. I’ve been dealing with a stalker for over a decade, almost two, and I still don’t have a solution on how to stop it. Neither does law enforcement. It’s what makes a stalker so scary. The victim doesn’t have a lot of choices, when it comes to protecting themselves.

My stalker is someone I know, which is often the case and in the beginning I thought if I was nice, the person would go away. But that’s the wrong thing to do because it encourages the behavior. However, I’ve also been told, by professionals, that being mean to them doesn’t stop them either and can escalate their aggression. So where does that leave me or anyone else in my position? Well, the only thing we can do is ignore the person. But that doesn’t mean the stalker will disappear. I’ve been ignoring mine for almost as long as I’ve been stalked and he still won’t leave me alone.

Compared to other stalkers, mine doesn’t seem as dangerous, which means he will probably stalk me until the day he dies or until I do. The only way for me to be rid of him is for him to commit an illegal act, likeĀ  breaking and entering, or physically harming me. That’s why most of these cases end in violence.

I debated long and hard about writing this piece. (My fingers are shaking as I type.) But I decided the only thing I had left is my voice and I refuse to be silent anymore. Maybe it will make things worse. Maybe it won’t. But just staying silent isn’t doing anything either. So, I guess I’ll just have to take my chances and maybe, just maybe one day, I’ll feel comfortable enough to leave my windows open on a fall day.