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A couple of weeks ago, I finished the book, Branded. It’s a story about a girl, Lexi, who lives in a society where sinners are branded for their sins and tossed into a desolate society called the Hole. The premise intrigued me enough to read a sample. Immediately, the story grabbed me because it begins with Lexi trying to kill herself. I wanted to know why and so I continued to read on, but Lexi never gets the chance to complete the act because guards interrupt her and she flees, suddenly wanting to stay alive. When the sample ended, I just had to buy it and finish the story. I WANTED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!

I fell in love with the story telling, the sweet romance, and most of the characters. However, this book needs another pass by an editor. Several of the characters are not developed enough and at times, their dialog comes across as stiff and unbelievable. Twice, two different characters remark on Lexi’s lack of grace using the same expression. There are also other grammatical errors that yanked me from the story.

Recommendation: If you are a grammar snob, then this book is not for you. BUT, if you love a good story with danger and sweet romance and are willing to overlook the flaws, then you need to grab a copy.

Goodreads rating: 3,447 people rated it 3.87 stars out of 5.

Goodread’s summary of Branded