It’s that time again where I’m ready to query and in the process of writing a new WIP. I’m already 25k words into it and I’m having hard time picking it back up. This is new for me. Usually, I jump right back in and start writing, but for some reason, I start writing for a few minutes and then I stop. Since, I’m a pantster it’s not like I can use my outline to force me to continue pounding out the words. I think that my subconscious is telling me that there’s something wrong or maybe it’s just my fear of failing that’s stopping me. Whatever the reason, I learned I’m not alone.

I belong to the SinC chapter, the guppies, and there’s been this email loop discussing how every single one of them struggles at some point with putting words down. Most of them are published, several have won quite a few prestigious awards. On this loop, they made suggestions on how to slog through it and it seems that there is a big chunk of the guppies that uses book journals while they write. From what I’ve pieced together, these journals are lined notebooks and everyday they record their thoughts about their current WIP. One well known author said that she writes five sentences a day. Recently, she started a new WIP and worried that she wouldn’t be able to pound out a story she reviewed her last notebook. It turned out that she wrote the exact same sentences on the first page of the notebook that she did for her current book. The three that I remember are as follows; “I’m not good enough. There is no story in me. What if I write crap?” She referred back to all of her notebooks and realized she writes this every time and every time she manages to still write.

This email loop has inspired me to write my own sentences to see if it’ll help push through whatever is stopping me.

What about you? Is there anything special that you do when writing that helps you get through the fear or through writer’s block?