I finished Lee Child’s THE AFFAIR on Sunday and here’s the update on my observations from Friday. **Spoiler alert** If you plan on reading this book, don’t read any further.

1. I nailed the observation that Jack Reacher is in the military. He turns out to be a high ranking MP.

2. At the end of the story, he sends in his resignation papers.

3. Jack Reacher isn’t as reckless as I thought he would be, but he did continue to sleep with the Sheriff even though she becomes a suspect.

4. Right on track with this one. Lee Child did an excellent job providing quite a few surprising twists for the reader.

Overall, I’m ecstatic with how well this one went. I’m going to say that I got three and a half right out of four. Not bad for only reading the first paragraph. You should try it out for yourself with the next book you pick up to read.