I love shiny, new WIP’s and am excited to get back to the one I was working on while I let the old WIP percolate before editing it. So, I’m 30k words into the new one and it’s about a college student who is recruited by the FBI to infiltrate a large Muslim student group on campus. I’m so excited about my MC and all of the wonderful things I’m learning about Muslims. For those of you who don’t know, my hubs was Muslim when I met him and while he isn’t one now, I have a huge respect for the religion. However, I’ve had to do a lot or research because my MC is female and the rules for men and women are so different. There’s so much that is inaccurately portrayed in the media and I hope that by the time I’m finished, readers will have a better understanding and some respect for the religion, all the while enjoying a roller coaster ride of suspense.