If you don’t know what FPF is, check out this blog entry and read the first couple of paragraphs.

I picked this book because I love, love, love Harlan Coben’s writing.  I’m a huge fan and have recommended his books so many times I should work as part of his PR/marketing team. Before I continue to ramble on, let’s get down to the details.

Here’s the first paragraph and as usual, I took liberties as to what constituted that. In addition, I haven’t read the book yet or the back cover blurb.

The stranger didn’t shatter Adam’s world all at once.

That was what Adam Price would tell himself later, but that was a lie. Adam somehow knew right away, right from the very first sentence, that the life he had known as a content suburban married father of two was forever gone. It was a simple sentence on the face of it, but there was something in the tone, something knowing and even caring, that let Adam know nothing would ever be the same.


1. I think that his life is all a lie and that’s why it’s going to shatter because he wants to remain a “married father of two”.

2. The story will be how he built his life and why it had to shatter.

3. There will be tons of twists and turns. **The author does it all the time in all of his stories, so it’s more than a guess. But for this book, you get a hint of it when he uses contradictory words, like shatter, caring, content. I think it’s a lull to make us believe that Adam’s life was/is ordinary, when there’s a bigger story, possibly a lie that Adam has hidden from everybody.

***Click here to see if any of my observations were right.