Since I’m not doing FPF every Friday because I can’t keep up with the reading, I thought today, I’d talk about First Pages. Everyone always says they’re so important to your manuscript and yet, that sentence is rarely followed up with what should be included in your first page.

I took a great editing class at Pikes Peak Writers on editing by Bree Ervin (@Thinkbanned) and here’s what she told us should be in the first pages.

1. Genre

2. Tone

3. Setting, including time period

4. Pacing-at least a hint of it

5. Character-voice should be highly noticeable

6. Stakes

After Bree presented¬† her awe inspiring wisdom, she read the first pages of some of the workshop attendees first pages and then discussed whether or not the author nailed it. I noticed that she was forgiving with numbers 1,2,3,4, and 6 not being on the page IF the voice rocked it.¬† She said it’s hard to get all that in the first page, but you should be able to get it within the first chapter.