This post is different than the other posts because I have to add one new rule. While trying to read the last two books, I realized that some of the books I pick are not going to be a good fit for me, which is fine. However, when the book falls into an area where I feel uncomfortable for a variety of reasons, I will not finish reading it. This happened to the last two books. I’m not going to explain why I won’t finish them, everyone has their own reasons and I don’t want to taint other people’s views. So, the new rule is I reserve the right to quit reading the book at any time. This means that some of the observations will not be answered, ever.

Here are my observations for Speak No Evil by Allison Brennan, which I didn’t finish. My update comments are in red.

1. She knows him better than just a stranger. He might be a colleague or someone she dated. This was true.

2. She will die. (The girl said it in the first sentence and I believe it. Mostly because it’s a prologue and not the first chapter. If it were the first chapter, it might make the girl the protagonist/hero of the story and less likely to die so soon in the story.) This was also true.

3. The story will be about the man who killed her and his capture. This was true because it turned out to be a mystery/police procedural.

4. She will not be the only one he kills. I’m basing this one off the sentence, “He had no humanity.” I’m inferring that he needs to kill to satisfy some sick need inside of him. I didn’t finish this book so I don’t know, but from what I did read, I think it is true.

Here are my observations from The Banks Sisters by Nikki Turner, which I did not finish. Updated comments are in red.

1. I’m going to guess the genre of the book is a thriller. Not only because of the cover, but because of the last sentence…would cost everyone dearly. That means whatever is about to happen is going to have a wider effect than on more than one person. Also, the tone is ominous. I’m not sure if this is true or not.

2. I suspect it’s going to be fast paced and filled with some twists. The contrast of the van sitting on the corner being no big deal and that being a mistake leads me to believe this. It’s a little bit slower than I thought it would be, but it might pick up later on in the book.

3. Unfortunately, I have no clue about the main character, but the first paragraph is enough to entice me to read on or turn the page. The main character wasn’t introduced until a few pages later.