A couple months ago, my hubs asked me a questions that forced me to evaluate my goals. He asked me, “What do you really want as a writer?” It made me pause and reflect on my entire journey so far. If you’ve read my blog for awhile you know I started pursuing the goal of being a published author in September 2011. I’ve written four manuscripts and am in the process of completing the first draft of a fifth one.

The reason my hubs asked me this question is because I had several writer friends who are indie authors and because I had family pushing me to self publish. (My brother runs a company that’s all about social marketing and building a brand for companies/individuals.) My mother and brother were sure if I published my last manuscript that I’d be happy with the results, especially since both of them were willing to help me market the crap out of it.

However, while I reflected on the answer I took into account my internship with my literary agent. She’s brilliant in being able to summarize the problems with a manuscript and ways to make it better. She’s a strong advocate for her writers and she KNOWS the business. Eventually, I realized that the answer to my hubs question is that I still want to go the route of traditionally published. I want a partner, one who’ll push me to be a better writer, and I want all of that knowledge behind me.

While this is the right answer for me right now, it doesn’t mean it’s the right answer for forever or that it’s the right answer for other writers. What about you? What do you really want as a writer?