I’ve read on tons of blogs that are geared to help writers with their editing that a writer should read their work aloud to catch any errors. In addition, my own critique partner (CP) has recommended this several times to me. And I do. However, the problem is that my eyes still skim over 30% of the mistakes. When I explained that to my CP, she suggested to have my computer read it. Um, yeah that’s great and all, if you know where that particular button is, but I’ve never been able to find it. If you have this problem and are frustrated like me, don’t despair.  ReadPlease, a program by Softonic is a FREE download that will do it for you and it’s fairly easy to use.  Yay!!! Although, I do have to admit I just started using it myself, so I’m not an expert on it or anything, but I do think you should check it out.