Author, Brene Brown, is one of the most applauded “thought thinkers” of this era. She’s written several books and conducts leadership retreats for some of the biggest names in business. Usually, I don’t pay attention to people like this, but this time, I couldn’t blow off her rhetoric. Writer, Hana Medina, described Brene’s philosophy. “Living a full life requires courage–and showing courage means doing things that make us feel vulnerable.”  As a writer this spoke to my soul as I feel extremely vulnerable about sending my current WIP to my critique partners. I’ve poured everything into this manuscript and I worry that it’s not good enough. That it will fall flat. Because of these feelings of inadequacy, I’ve delayed giving it to my critique partners, coming up with a gazillion excuses as to why I should hold onto it. So, today, because of those words, I quit procrastinating and sent out my baby. I want to live the fullest life I can.