If you’re a frequent visitor of this blog, you’ll know I lament over writing queries and synopsis. I hate them, despise them, will do anything to avoid them, etc. So, I love to read any help that fellow authors are willing to give regarding these two areas. Even though most of the posts say the same things, I can usually glean a little nugget or two. Recently, I read a post on queries that put it so succinctly, I had several aha moments. Here’s a few of them, from a post on PubCrawl:

Step 1. Start with a hook. (The post explains very well what this is.)

Step 2. Include what the inciting incident is that changes your hero’s story and puts them on the path of their journey.

Step 3. Explain what your hero needs to accomplish or overcome

Step 4. Make sure you state WHY the hero has to get involved. This is the personal stakes of the story.

This is part two of a series and it looks like there might be a part three. I urge you to read the whole article for additional information.