I’ve been quiet lately on social media and not because my kids are on fall break. Last week, my dad stopped by and I noticed stitches on his bicep. When I asked about them, he told me that he’d just been diagnosed with Melanoma. (The doc biopsied a funny looking mole.) We have to wait for his appointment in early November to find out if it’s spread to any other parts of his body and what stage the cancer is in.

I’ve tried to not freak out, but losing five family members to cancer and having one battling brain cancer right now hasn’t made this any easier. I keep reminding myself that the only person in my family that has beat cancer is the one family member who had melanoma. It isn’t working. I have an active imagination and as a writer this is awesome, but as a person who’s waiting to hear news, it’s awful, and downright agonizing. So if you’d patient with me during these next few weeks as I deal with the roller coaster of emotions I’m experiencing, I’d appreciate it.