Good News first–My dad is cancer free!!! They were able to remove all of it.

It’s Veteran’s Day and I wanted to write about my grandpa who fought in World War II. My grandpa was a quiet man who seemed to me too willing to do what his bossy second wife (not my biological grandma) asked him to do. It wasn’t until one day when I asked about his missing toes that I found out my grandpa was a hero. Maybe not in the traditional way, but a hero all the same. In answer to my question, all my grandpa said was that he lost them in the war, but his second wife told me the rest of the story.

My grandpa drove tanks during the war and one day as he was driving down a city street in enemy territory–don’t remember which one–he saw a woman carrying a small child. The day was a bone chilling gray and brownish-black snow littered the sidewalks. In that dismal weather, the woman tried to shield the small, shivering child with the heat from her thinly clad body as she wore no coat and no shoes. My grandpa stopped his tank and asked his fellow service men to give him a moment. After speaking to the woman, he removed his coat and shoes and returned across the frozen ground to the tank in his socks. At the time there were no heaters in tanks, I don’t know if this is different now, but he continued his mission with only the socks on his feet. I’m not sure how long his mission was before he could return to his barracks, but I do know that he developed frostbite and had to have toes on both feet amputated.

I didn’t find out until the day he died, but my grandpa received the purple heart. It wasn’t for this action, but for something else that he refused to discuss. If he were alive, I’d thank him for his service to his country and for his kindness, but since I can’t I’d like thank all of the other heroes out there like him who serve with honor and kindness.