Last night I attended the annual birthday club dinner that my mom and her friends hold every year. The birthday club started about thirty years ago with my mom, aunt, and a friend going to lunch. Fast forward a few years later and there were seven members total, all women, and they met at least once a month for dinner. The nickname came a few years after that when they started meeting for birthdays too.  Without fail, these seven women met and shared the ups and downs of their lives.  Now days it’s down to five as my aunt passed away and one of the ladies is in a nursing home due to her severe Alzheimer’s disease.

I’m not sure how many, but I’m going to guess at least five years ago, possibly longer, they decided they wanted to host a special holiday dinner and include their daughters. I can’t say that we’ve become good friends like our moms, but it’s always nice to see the group and catch up with them.

What I’ve come to love and respect about this group of women is the love and dedication they have to each other. Their friendship is unconditional. I know that when my aunt passed, my mom couldn’t have survived without their support. I also know that’s not the first time they’ve seen my mom through dark days and that she’s seen them through hard times too. This unity is impressive in today’s world where most relationships are held together by social media sites such as Facebook.

I can’t say that I have the time to meet every month with my friends, but seeing them last night sure made me want to try harder.

How do you keep in touch with your friends?