On Twitter today, a bunch of inspiring messages appeared on my feed with the above hashtag. If you wondered like I did why they were appearing today, here’s the reason. It’s in response to a book, ALL THE RAGE, that was released in April of last year that deals with a girl being raped. The author and her PR team wanted to do something to show support for girls in these type of situations. “In April 2015, for the North American release of All the Rage, #ToTheGirls, a hashtag campaign dedicated to letting girls know they were seen, heard and loved, was launched.”

AWESOME! It had such a good turnout that they did it again, today, for the UK release.

The part that speaks to me is about girls being seen. When I was sixteen, I felt invisible or only seen when something I did or wore didn’t fit in with the popular group. I desperately wanted to be seen by people who weren’t my family. I hope that this does reach out to girls everywhere, including my own, so they can know their not alone in their feelings.