Author, Hugh Howey wrote this great blog post–So You Want to be a Writer. What I loved the most from it was the part about finding your voice.  He writes, “Why is voice important? Not because it will land you an agent. Or because your works will win literary awards. No, screw that. Your voice is important because you can’t enter a flow state without it. When you find your voice, your fingers won’t be able to keep up with your writing. You won’t stumble. You won’t flail. You won’t sit there wondering what the next best word is. You’ll have an idea or a concept, a visual image, a conversation that you want to convey, and you’ll know immediately how to convey it.”

I feel as if he’s speaking about me and what I learned this last year. It’s true that once you find it, you enter a state where you can write and write and write. What’s better than that?