I love award shows for the glitz, red carpet moments, and more¬†importantly watching people being recognized for their hard work. Of course that doesn’t mean I agree with every award. There are times I’m happy and others were I’m booing at the television. Due to this, I thought I’d share with you some Oscar love.

  • The Oscars have been around since 1929 and were held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. (I stayed there when I was in college.😀) A year later, they were broadcast on the radio and in 1953 they appeared on TV.
  • In 1929, Janet Gaynor won for best actress, which is one of my favorite categories. Here’s a link to photos of every best actress who has ever won. Katherine Hepburn and Barbara Streisand had to split the award in 1968.
  • Hattie McDaniel was the first African American to win an Oscar for her role in Gone with the Wind.
  • The longest acceptance speech was seven minutes and the gratitude was expressed by Greer Garson in 1943. This prompted a change to strict time limits being set.
  • Some actors take risk with their fashion, which I love to see. Although it’s usually with only one eye open because some of the outfits are hot messes. This is a photo of one such outfit from moviefone. Photo: Moviefone

I can’t wait to see tonight’s glitz, most memorable/not so memorable moments, and winners.