Happy World Down Syndrome Day, or WDSD. I go to church with the cutest Down’s baby ever and she might not have been here if it wasn’t for her auntie. According to statistics that Auntie shared with me I was appalled to learn that over 80% of women terminate their pregnancy if their baby tests positive for the third chromosome. (Church baby’s mom debated on terminating her pregnancy and her sister talked her out of it.) Now, it’s easy for me to not understand why anyone would want to get rid of a Down’s baby because all I see are the smiling children who are happy and kind. My church baby, who is only six months, is also happy most of the time. However, I don’t have to take care of her physically. I also learned from her auntie that it’s common for these babies to have physical issues as well. My church baby experiences seizures regularly and has a heart problem that estimates her life expectancy into her late teens/early twenties. In addition, she’s been on oxygen for four months. All of these must be hard for a parent of a child to deal with, but as my church baby’s mom says, “It’s worth it. Our lives are completely changed because of our little one and her four siblings agree.”