This week, I received feedback from an agent on a full manuscript submission. She shredded it mostly due to errors that if I was willing to have it professionally edited she’d take another look. The high note was she loved the premise! Yay for that. The letter hit me hard as I have two critique partners edit my manuscript and because I try to send out my best work. Always.

My wonderful hubs and I talked about it. We discussed that maybe I needed the extra help because I don’t know what mistakes I’m making and neither do my CP’s. But I knew the cost would be out of our normal budget and so I didn’t even ask if I should pursue that avenue. Imagine my surprise on Mother’s Day when he gave me money to get my manuscript edited. Yes, I cried and gave him a big hug and smooch. He’s so supportive and I feel lucky to have been married to him for the last eighteen years.

I hope all Mothers had a wonderful day yesterday.