Last month, I submitted to Pitchwars, a contest ran by Brenda Drake, and didn’t get in, but I’m not upset. Of course I’m disappointed. The prize was working with a mentor on your manuscript. Because of that it’s stiff competition. Only 4.7 of the 3,000 applicants did get into it. So, there’s a bunch of people in my shoes. However, I did gain some insightful feedback from author Kellye Garrett. She wrote Hollywood Homicide, which, if you haven’t read it is hilarious. The advice she gave me that resonated with me the most is that the tone of my thriller sounds more like Women’s Fiction. Yikes. That’s the last thing I want. To help with this problem, I read some of my favorite thriller authors and now am trying to correct the tone of my book. A huge thank you to Kellye for helping me get on the right track. If you haven’t read her book, you really should pick it up.

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